Pick N' Mix Box!

Pick N' Mix Box!


Pick N' Mix your own box of 6 items from our Flapjacks, Brownies, Cookies and Viennese Whirls!


Please note options 5 and 6 do not include the Viennese Whirls or Cookie sandwiches because the delivery box is only big enough for four Whirls plus two other items.

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  • Ingredients

    The ingredient list for each product is on the main Shop page.

  • Allergens

    Cookie Sandwich (Vanilla): Gluten/Wheat.


    Cookie Sandwich (Lemon): Gluten/Wheat.


    Cookie Sandwich (Chocolate and Orange): Gluten/Wheat.


    Cookie Sandwich (Lotus Biscoff): Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Lotus Biscoff Cookie: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Double Chocolate Chip Cookie: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Chocolate Chip Cookie: Gluten/Wheat.


    Coconut and Cherry Cookie: Gluten/Wheat/Oats, Sulphur Dioxide.


    Gingerbread Cookie: Gluten/Wheat.


    Blueberry and Lemon Viennese Whirl: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Lemon Viennese Whirl: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Lotus Biscoff Viennese Whirl: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Raspberry Viennese Whirl: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Chocolate and Orange Whirl: Gluten/Wheat, Soya.


    Coffee and Walnut Whirl: Gluten/Wheat, Soya and Walnuts


    Raspberry Flapjack: Gluten/Oats.


    Chocolate and Peanut Flapjack: Gluten/Oats, Peanuts.


    Date Flapjack: Gluten/Oats.


    Chocolate Crunch: Gluten/Wheat.


    Chocolate and Orange Flapjack: Gluten/Oats.


    Apricot Flapjack: Gluten/Oats, Sulphur Dioxide.


    Chocolate and Apricot Flapjack: Gluten/Oats, Sulphur Dioxide.


    Blueberry and Lemon Flapjack: Gluten/Oats.


    Lotus Biscoff Brownie: Gluten/Wheat, Almonds, Soya.


    Oreo Brownie: Gluten/Wheat, Almonds, Soya.


    Orange Brownie: Gluten/Wheat, Almonds, Soya.


    Peanut Butter Brownie: Gluten/Wheat, Almonds, Peanuts, Soya.


    *Please note all our products are made in a kitchen using a variety of nuts.

  • More

    Photos are for representation only. All products are made to order and by hand, and so the finished products may differ from those shown here.


    All orders are dispatched on Monday to Wednesday each week . We post 1st class via Royal Mail, which takes 1-3 working days from dispatch. Please be aware someone should be in the property to receive this product.


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*Please note we do not retail our products from this address.


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